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  • Rear bar weight?
    Our rear bar builds generally end up around the 75-85kg mark (with twin carriers). This can vary when parts are added to the build or taken off the build.
  • Materials?
    REAR BARS: Our rear bars are mild steel. They do have some stainless steel parts, however the rear bar itself and the carrier arms are mild steel. Most bars are 5mm thick with 5-10mm thick mounting plates. FRONT BARS: Our front bars are mild steel. These have 3mm thick wings and body, 3.9mm wall tube, 10-16mm thick mounting plates, 5mm thick winch cradle. LIFT UP WINDOWS: Our lift up windows are aluminium with stainless steel mounting brackets. The window panels are 3mm thick, mounting brackets are normally 2-3mm thick. OTHER ACCESSORIES: We ensure quality materials are used on all of our products. All of our other products are mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium.
  • ADR Compliant?
    Yes we design our products according to ADR rules and regulations.
  • Wiring?
    Wiring of the rear bars is relatively simple. Looms are not provided, however the Roadvision lights follow the colour coding of standard trailer plug wiring. We find it is usually easiest to tap into the back of the trailer plug. If reverse is not in the trailer plug, this may need to be sourced from the tail light. If you do not feel confident wiring your own bar, please seek the help of a professional.
  • Colour coding / finish options?
    We can colour code orders* Colour coding of front or rear bars will have an additional charge (refer to the product description for accurate pricing). Please provide your colour code to the sales team; this is located on your VIN plate which can typically be found inside the door well or under the bonnet. If unable to locate your VIN, we recommend referring to your user manual. We can also get a range of different powder coat finishes. Generally different powder coats will not come with any additional charge unless it is a particularly unique / costly colour. Lift up windows will come in a texture black powder coat. Front and rear bars come standard in satin black powder coat. If you would like a different finish on your order, please place a note when ordering. *Colour coding does not guarantee an exact colour match as there can be marginal differences depending on how the paint has been applied to your vehicle, especially for metallic based paints. To facilitate the most accurate colour match, we will require a sample of the paint - please let us know upon ordering if you would like to arrange for a sample to be used (EG. the fuel hatch cover from your vehicle).
  • Is the number plate holder included with the rear bar?
    Yes we include number plate holders with all rear bar orders. These are designed to sit the plate inside the rim. A number plate light is also included.
  • Can you give the exact time and date that my order will be ready?
    Although we can generally accurately predict an orders completion, we are unable to provide an exact time and date for when the order will be ready. Our lead times are estimates and not guarantees. We predict lead times based on current production flows and all accessible information at the time. We are a passionate team who focuses on the ultimate end result over the fastest turnaround or cheapest manufacturing cost. Despite all considerations, it is possible for delays to occur. We always prioritise keeping the customer informed and up to date with the progress of their order.
  • Lead times?
    Some of our products do have a lead time associated with them. Our lead times on front and rear bars is generally 12-16 weeks. Our lead time on lift up windows is generally 4-6 weeks. Most of our smaller products ship within 1-2 weeks. Please remember that our lead times are estimations and not guarantees.
  • Custom work?
    Unfortunately we don't take on custom work.
  • Are the prices negotiable and can you do it cheaper for cash?
    Unfortunately our prices are not negotiable and we cannot do it cheaper for cash.
  • Why was my order cancelled?
    If aggression, disrespectful comments, threats, demands, or other poor behaviour is shown to our staff then we will not hesitate to cancel and refund an order. We build our products out of passion for the 4wd industry, our staff are not here to be treated poorly. We pride ourselves on making the best product, not to have the cheapest prices or the fastest turnaround time on a low quality product. If our values do not align with yours, then we ask you to please shop elsewhere.
  • Is this all made in Australia?
    Yes we build all of our products in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Can you ship overseas?
    Yes we can ship overseas. We have flat rate shipping on most of our small - medium sized products. Our larger products such as front and rear bars can also be shipped overseas, however this can be costly.
  • How do I fit this? / What does this mean? / Can you help?
    We are always happy to help with any questions you may have relating to our products. Please feel free to get in contact with us through any of the channels listed below: EMAIL: PHONE: 03 9120 8814 INSTAGRAM: @thecruisercompany FACEBOOK: @thecruisercompany We will strive to reply to your message as soon as possible! Please also remember that our instructions are all available on our website under the "instructions" tab.
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